Excellence is a ‘lifestyle’! The work of a designer-artisan, in a soft and original design!

Let me introduce me in my authentic role as a consultant and set designer, a path through tailor-made service, anchored to my experience and research in the field of knitwear accessories in home furnishings.

Giving life to customized products, from creation, through design, to production; an end-to-end approach to meet your specific needs.

Either in small or in big projects, the value I add as a designer can make the difference. My positive energy and creativity put to work, searching for a harmonious, functional synthesis in a product that furnishes.

As a blankets and cushions designer, I believe in unique products and in innovative, unconventional decor, in the value of something special: deeply understanding what fascinates you, connecting with you in empathy, with the genuine desire to find the solution that best fits your needs and your specific context. I love knitwear, its pleasantness and flexibility.

With my tailor-made creations, I give you the opportunity to have an exclusive product, you can also coordinate in your environment. Proposals of materials, patterns, colours… ideas can take shape during a call together: you think of a blanket, we start imaging it and then it comes true. My service is accessible, friendly and professional.

My support will be in personalized proposals of a ‘traditional object’ with a new versatility that interacts with your furnishings. Multiple visions, moved by passion and attention to details: touches of style for an accessory to be set, unique, timeless ‘pieces’ that cross fashions.

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Collaborations for complete original solutions, from conception to implementation of the project for the following contexts of Home Decor: Interior Designers and Architects – private homes – Charming Hotels – spas – Restaurants – boat outfitting – Museum bookshop


For a target looking for uniqueness.

A project in motion has been outlined with my professional figure: a small and precious brand ‘lr‘ (initials of my name and surname) known by those who also know how to appreciate the art of artisanal and industrial design, moved by the pleasure of doing beautiful useful and comfortable solutions ‘! Ordinary life and situations inspire me, in nature and architecture. I’m moved by the idea of ​​creating little emotions…

Original proposals

I believe in a decorative object, inviting, distinguishable and durable over time. I offer an accessible and professional service.

I like to work with noble materials such as carded merino wool, wool with cashmere or cotton with cashmere, wool and silk or with a mix of various materials.

I want my creative passion and my ‘peculiar, unique taste’ to be shared, proposing the study of exclusive products that reach people with whom I can share my beauty value! My design philosophy, in a furnishing accessory space, where the idea, through the thread, develops in an original game of design.

The reasons why you should choose me:

  • helping customizing your proposal, in Interior Design projects
  • enhancing the customized product in an architectural space of the Home Decor
  • increasing the value of your brand proposal, identified in taste and style

Working method – The importance of an analysis at each stage of the process:

  • Vision, conception, creation, choice of material, colour proposal, pattern.
  • Program setting follows with technical execution and sample fine-tuning (using jacquard or inlay processing on electronic machines) and finally hand finishes with washing-ironing treatment, which defines the yield of the fabric and its structure.
  • Result of a collaboration with industrial craftsmanship in its technical capabilities. It is important to underline that to make a custom-made blanket or a cushion order, it will take 4/5 weeks for the delivery of the products.
  • Terms of payment: 30% upon acceptance of the project performance, balance at the end before delivery, shipment by courier

Customize the product according to the rules of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

My collection of knitted blankets

Lively, energetic, colorful. Tradition and innovation in a design project, characterized by geometric patterns and colours in soft knitted fabrics. Warmth and light in your rooms.


Some of my creations in various furniture catalogs and magazines for brands such as Zanotta-Bontempi-Molteni-Gervasoni and Living.

What they say about … testimonials

I have been using  Roberta Licini products for various interior projects, since end of 2016. I came across her products via an Italian friend and I fell in love with the quality and aesthetic taste. Many of my customers love wool and cashmere and it was interesting to be able to propose some items from ‘lr’ Roberta Licini collection, with current and original proposals in knitted designs, adaptable to the different demands of our work.

Fifi De Lyon , Interior decoration company

Roberta Licini has collaborated with my studio providing some of her products, with very particular colour variations, for an Art & Industry event in Genoa.
Nautical context, with presentation of accessories and art.
Its products were well combined both in quality and image in that specific project. Very appreciated also by the public.

Studio Anna Fileppo , Image and corporate communication

In the collections of Roberta Licini pave the research that is the basis of color combinations and original textures. Roberta products seen and touched in architectural spaces give character to the materials chosen.

Bellinelliarchitetti , Architectural firm

With Roberta we have created a series of blankets in which we have combined her creativity and attention to design with mine in the definition of colours: an extraordinary result, of absolute modernity!

Laura Pogliani, Owner of the 'Spezyale' studio, a design studio for the home

The Roberta Licini collection expresses the perfect balance between profound technical knowledge, great passion for art, innate good taste and excellence of the Italian craftmanship. Precious and natural yarns braid together to give life to bold graphism, sometimes archetypical , or floral compositions of pure feminine grace. Bauhaus and Art Nouveau echo quietly. Neutral sophisticated palettes or unusual harmonies of strong colours make any piece in the collection a real ‘decor piece’ able to enrich any architectural space. The seductiveness of the textures makes it an “object to love” and an object to relate to. Aesthetics and functionality here blend perfectly in a timeless harmony.

Daniela Vismara, Architect

I saw Roberta Licini’s collection during a tea at home: beautiful products, with original designs…
I fell in love with them! It is a real “furnishing accessory’’ for that sense of warmth” … a sofa or bed with a blanket, acquires elegance and greater comfort.
It was difficult to choose because they are all one more beautiful than the other.Excellent quality choice of material with a warm, soft and functional feel.
An excellent product.

Daniela Torta, Private customer

FAQ: (answers to specific frequently asked questions for those interested in collection products)

– I only make blankets and cushions in knitted and not in woven fabric

– I mainly use carded extrafine merino wool (not shiny like worsted wool and with a warmer and softer effect). It is imported from some areas of Australia and processed in northern Italy, Biella

– limit of realization of measurements, in the knitted blanket: the max width is 165 cm, while for the length there are no problems. Important is the use of the number of colours (max 7 but only with the intarsia technique). I recommend instead for max 3/4 colour jacquard

– I can create and produce even a single personalized blanket with the study of the coordinated design, to be created through a specific program (expense separately) and at a cost increased by 25%

– wool like other noble fibers is a fireproof material.

– washing can be done dry or directly in the washing machine (colour fastness), following the instructions for delicate items (20 degrees) and separated from other garments

– for maintenance, it is important to let the product air (in the change of seasons) and then fold and place in its box, in a dry place. A characteristic-defect of knitwear in general is that of creating (precisely by rubbing it over time) the classic ‘pilling’. You can pass (with a delicate touch) a simple blade to remove the superfluous hair or buy the specific product.