Colour relates to you… the best way to stimulate creativity is to surround yourself with ‘beautiful things’…
Never do without colour, in the style of your life!

With the label ‘lr’ initials of my name and last name, I represent a small and precious brand, known by the few who know to appreciate the art of handicraft design and industrial, with the pleasure of doing ‘beautiful good useful and convenient’! I inspire to everyday and world objects, to elements observed in nature and architecture. I like the idea of creating small emotions when people see and touch my products, then realize them in owning them.


In my project, my playful imagination comes to life in the use of materials and colours reflecting then, on use: I try to observe the house from a different point of view, where the blanket accessory can live as a decorative element, not remaining related to the season or to the simple practical use. in a new acceptance, I wish to find new intrigant, involving, useful solutions. the value of owning an object that encloses its small art with simple emotions to discover and that are renewed in the use of a special blanket!


blankets on chair
blanket crossing

In the crowded world of design, cutting me a space in the nice of home accessory, my design philosophy is visible in the story, where the idea, through the wire, develops in a game of micro and maxi patterns geometers with colour as a fundamental element, in a harmonious and functional aesthetic concept.

I want my creative passion and my ‘special taste’ to be shared, offering products that reach people with whom I can share my beauty value!


blankets on a sofa

each blanket has its own way

The objective of the collection is to offer the customer the best solution for the type of need.
A vision of how it can be very interesting: look ahead! Good design

The idea of this project was born as a reinterpretation of an accessory that defines and dresses the interiors of the house in an original way and with attention to detail

Yarn, noble and delicate fibres such as extrafine merino carded wool: a soft and warm touch

Balanced proportions, with prestigious materials, innovative design and knitting techniques

A lovely piece of craftmanship, to be cozy

A corner of your house decorated with the geometric shapes and vivid colours of a jacquard blanket

Ideas expressed in free association of lines and geometric figures

A playful spontaneity of mixing colours
trasmitted in a visual harmony

Relax into colours, dare!

An accessory full of character
a real showpiece

Brand… ‘lr’ roberta licini designer
Collection… blankets, cushions, rugs… An Italian experience
design… free from the glamour taste, capable of expressing style and quality
protagonist… original patterns and techniques made with intarsia, jacquard and stitch points
colours…  a playful spontaneity in mixing colours that convey a visual harmony
yarns… noble and delicate fibers, extra-fine merino carded wool, wool-cashmere, cotton-cashmere
my vision: to transmit a choice of creative style that defines the interior of a house in an original way
my wish is… a way to interpret the reality or a dream, maybe yours!
my mission is… to interpret an adequate solution to your request: to simplify what is complex
the worth… to give attention to your expectations following an aesthetic requirement
the inspiration… something that gives you a little great emotion
the mood… sober and essential
transference… the classical concept of blanket as a piece of handcraft, that combines innovation with a practical solution