Designer of knitwear accessories and Interior Stylist

Good design always carries a message!

Through my product and consulting project, I believe and promote the sartorial-industrial artistic value that accompanies the furnishing accessory. I like of being inspiring, following passions and knowledge, comparing myself with a sensitive audience. The importance of the study in the various stages of processing: from the idea to the construction and definition of the ‘product’, to the achievement of a good final result!

Becoming a designer and entrepreneur:

The challenge for self-producing designers is to acquire the skills to become an “entrepreneur designer”. Transform yourself into project creator, who follows all the phases: prototype-production-warehouse-communication-sale-distribution, considering investments, revenues, profits and losses. Self-production requires constant negotiation within your own self. Design then finds meaning when it manages to free itself from the communication systems of the industry. The construction of an alternative and autonomous language with respect to the mass production is important in order to other expressive codes and to address a different, minority audience. The small numbers that are created do not allow us to follow the trends of the fashion industry: creating an autonomous language is an expressive fondamental, but also a healthy productive limit.


Designing a blanket is similar leading to a good life: it is like weaving and energy is created in the tension of processing, in the development and realization of a valuable continuous result. The capture of energy in a successful project that attracts and involves …’Hands think when they draw,’ says Maura Pozzati

Ideas and lifestyle with new tailor-made paths. The attention and willingness to accept the particular product that I present: knowing how to know and recognize the value of things. What is fundamental, if not a good product!

Interior Stylist

In home furnishings, my idea is to develop the design concept and to define complete style with specific details. A support to be able to deepen the stylistic and decorative aspects that contribute to the completion of an interior project created with awareness and competence. The identification of the choices that make up all the elements of the scene is important: design, materials, colours, furnishings, fabrics and ‘accessories’.

A bit of history” … passion and interest in my work

I have a strong background in the field of fashion, having collaborated with important fashion business, as a designer and product manager of knitwear, for women’s / men’s collections. The interest and aesthetic sense together with technical skills have given me visibility in the world of ‘knitwear fashion’. After the experience of fashion sistem, in 2013 I took into consideration the creation of this project with the related consultancy. The study of design and the research of materials are carried out in my ‘home-Atelier’ in Biella (Piedmont), a city linked to a famous production of high quality wool. The finishing process through the execution of the product in its various phases, mainly concerns historic knitwear factories in Treviso (Veneto) and in Bologna (Emilia). For my specific studies, I attended the ‘Academy of Fashion and Costume’ in Rome (where I was born).