yarns: carded extra fine merino wool, cashmere, cotton…

Blanket Measures: width from 145 to 165/170 cm, length from 170 cm ahead

Cushions: large cm 55 × 45, medium, cm 45 × 40, small cm 30 x 30

technical realization: Jacquard – intarsia – stitches

I like to work with the multiple combinations of yarns related to extra fine merino carded wool and various blends or pure yarns. As a reference I have reliable suppliers, aware of the value of the material, from which I can freely choose some traditional yarns, that I have experienced over the years. I carefully select the materials and colours   from colour charts, available and renewed in the current season. I use dyed yarn, wich is necessary to assure solidity and purity of the colour; neutral tones that are flanked by vibrant and luminous nuances, instilling sensations of sober intimacy and lightness.

Each product is the expression of traditional skills and technological craftsmanship: try and experience! My products are made in small quantities to offer attention to the “detail”, with special care to hand finishes. A history, a working method, a creative and manufacturing capability, suitable for the needs of a demanding customer.

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The vision drawn into a lifestyle. Research into the well-being of body & soul, linked to the pleasant sensation of indulging in ‘pampering’ with colour and warmth! The value and awareness of rest. Free to live surrounded by some objects that make us feel good!

If you feel the desire to change something or add an original accessory to your home or if you want specific advice for  ‘matching object’ in the study of colours to combine with patterns that can ‘adapt and re-evaluate’ a space dear to you, in order to give that ‘special touch’ …

Story on the blanket

It is not just a textile furnishing accessory, it is a complex product, an ally of nature, a symbolic object, an inseparable friend. It is the result of textile technologies and experiences that have a history: a valuable commodity that lasts over time and is perceived as a quality garment.

In 1954, Linus Van Pelt, a key character in Peanuts (created by Charles Schulz) appears next to his inevitable blue blanket. More than a tool, the “security blanket” is a totem, the identification of the satisfaction of the need for protection.

Let’s think about how the blanket accompanies us throughout our life: from birth (wrapped in a blanket) and for the rest of the days during sleep, we are “sheltered” by something. For this reason, beyond taste, material, models and styles, it is an object present in various ethnic groups at any latitude.

Pure wool, first of all: the basic concept in choosing a wool blanket: the raw material is natural. The blanket season is a concept that has evolved in recent times; thanks to the evolution of comfort in homes, heating and changes in consumption habits, often preferring the use of a duvet.

Insulating and healthy: the wool blanket maintains the temperature of the body, favoring the sensation of keeping it warm. It is also a hypoallergenic product and in this specific case, extra-fine merino wool has anti-mite properties, i.e. the absence of moisture and heat, a problem that concerns mattresses and cushions.

Eco-sustainable: this aspect is not alwaysconsidered; in the case of wool, it is the least invasive natural product, for the life cycles of the land of animals and humans: farming and non-cultivation, no fertilizers and wasted water. The breeding is cyclical, as the animal survives the shearing.

The maintenance of the blanket: depending on the type of wool, it can be washed with water at 30 degrees or dry cleaned. It is a good habit to air it every now and then. A clarification: the ‘pilling’ effect does not derive from the quality but is an intrinsic characteristic of the knitted fabric. The blanket lives with us and the wear and tear in the time is the consequence (the problem may be solved with the use of a specific tool available).

Pure Virgin Wool, a brand you can trust, has now become “Wool mark (registered in 117 countries). The meaning of the term Pure Virgin Wool. Pure Wool which means the presence of only wool inside the garment with a maximum tolerance of 7.3%,  Virgin which is sheared wool, not regenerated or recovered from industrial processes.

People are saying...

I used Roberta Licini’s products for various interior projects. I met his products through an Italian friend and I fell in love with the quality as well as the aesthetic taste. Many of my customers love wool and cashmere, and it was interesting to be able to offer some items of collection 'lr' roberta licini, with current and original proposals in knit designs, adaptable to the various demands of our work.
Fifi De Lyon
English company of furnishing accessories
Roberta Licini’s product comes from a deep knowledge in the world of knitwear combined with excellent taste and originality. Unique blankets, real decorative objects that come together in a single aesthetic-functional element, in refined materials, pleasant to "wear" in bed, on an armchair or sofa. Combinations of colours and harmonious geometries that embellish the environments that welcome them.
Cristina Roditi
Former colleague
In the collection of Roberta Licini, study and research are the basis of colour combinations and original textures. Its products seen and touched in the architectural spaces, give character and atmosphere to the environment.
Bellinelli Architetti
Study of architecture
Roberta Licini collaborated with my studio, supplying us with some of her products, with very particular colour variations, for an Arte & Industria event in Genoa. Nautical context, with presentation of accessories and art. Her products were well matched both in quality and image in that specific project. Much appreciated by the public.
Studio Anna Fileppo
Corporate image and communication
I saw the collection of roberta licini during a tea in his home-studio: beautiful products, original designs: I fell in love! It's a real furnishing complement' for that sense of warmth'... a sofa or a bed with a blanket, acquires elegance and greater comfort. It was difficult to choose because they are all more beautiful than each other. Excellent choice of quality material from the warm, soft and functional hand. An excellent product!
Daniela Torta
I met the collection of Roberta licini blankets and I fell in love with them, finding the elements that characterize my choices: a high quality product, 100% natural, colorful and joyful material. I started with taking a blanket to put on the sofa: I liked the design and the colour that coordinated with the room... within a few days it became an element of contention by my 3 children. It has created, from the beginning, the habit of enjoying it in relaxation watching TV, wrapped and pampered and obviously no one willing to give the blanket to the other! So, to avoid quarrels, I had to give up and take one for each considering and satisfying their aesthetic taste. These blankets are simply wonderful, they convey warmth in the body and soul of those who love to surround themselves with authenticity and refinement!
Alessandra Angelico
The collection Roberta licini expresses the perfect balance between deep technical knowledge, great passion for art, innate good taste and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Precious and natural yarns intertwine to give life to bold patterns, archetypal or floral compositions that express grace and femininity. Bauhaus and Art Nouveau echo discreetly. Palettes with sophisticated neutral colours or colours decided in chromatic agreements always unusual, make each element of the collection a real piece of furniture able to enrich the space in which it is inserted. The seductive force of the textures also transform it into an "object to be loved" with which to relate. Aesthetics and functionality come together here in a timeless accord.
Daniela Vismara
I met Roberta a few years ago (during the course of Interior stylist). I was struck by her creative flair outside the schemes. It was magical and extremely instructive to learn about his story, struck by his knowledge of the product’s 'knitted blanket'. I can’t tell which of her blankets I love the most, for the comfort and beauty quality. I really like the 'Diagonal Bands': warm, enveloping, soft, austere geometries, softened by the neutral tones of natural white and lead grey (not trivial) with the finishes of red and orange that give a pop touch... what else to say? The quality of the product is impeccable. From her (and mine too) love of knitwear, I decided to also buy the 'Crossing' which I think is one of my favorites. I love the combination of colours like magenta and plum accompanied by a pinkish ivory, worked with the inlay technique in a three-dimensional point. It takes me back to my childhood home and the old knit shirts and scarves worked with the classic knitting stitch. Even for this blanket, the geometric pattern makes the difference. And it may seem obvious but they are extremely warm and I will never tire of saying it: original idea, high quality of the material, a careful attention to detail, all compared to a fair price. The advice for its value as an object of design, to live and consume...
Federica Pappalardo
B&B owner in Venice
I had been looking for months for a blanket for the bedroom: a blanket with a geometric design, like the silkscreens of the last sixties to the early seventies that printed in Germany (f.e. "zero group", "Fruhtrunk" or "Pfahler"). A bit like the works of art "konkrete kunst". And then I found her web site with the two blankets Arc and Intersecting lines. It was a difficult choice to decide which blanket I preferred, as the geometric composition and colour choice were perfect for me. I am so glad I found her wonderful 'artwork' for my bed. The blanket arrived in the elegant case. It is a thousand times better from life than from the photo: very beautiful! And the softness of the wool is excellent. I am happy with the choice and the precious and refined product. And this will not be the only contact, since I am still interested in 'Intersecting lines'... The blanket is made for my room!
Ingo Gorny