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My approach to the accessory is linked to a harmonious vision which is also a way of approaching life. Creativity, beauty, commitment characterize the various product proposals. The ability to interpret the present with a contemporary, functional and innovative product, the object as a consequence of a project. Experience and get inspiration starting from a simple wool yard. Accessories are one of the possible consequences …



…A playful spontaneity of colours, Ideas, in free association of graphic pattern relax in the colours, dare! The discovery!

The discovery!          
You will agree that a blanket must be of quality (it is), durable (also) and functional, pleasant to the touch and warm when needed, but the added value (fundamental for me) is the taste in style. Longing for a new design blanket!a blanket is owned, preserved and handed down

 a blanket is owned, preserved and handed down

The blanket … 9 and 1/2 tips:

1. of design: a product of aesthetic value, a balanced expression of taste and know How

2. innovative: with a different interpretation in considering ‘the classic blanket’ in its original knitted proposal

3. the emotion of an object as a decorative element for the home that ‘pampers’ you at the right time, a shelter of tranquility and relaxation

4. reliable: it guarantees you quality and safety in daily use, a functional and durable product that goes beyond fashion

 5. suitable with solutions for your world, for the world of children and even for a puppy …

6. ‘bespoke’: the tangible result of the importance of details, a ‘customized piece’ that protects you with its warmth, to wear …

 7. ’Atelier’: like it  wants to be known and appreciated, addressing a niche of customers who identify themselves and pay the attention due to the value that this small world offers

 8. a ‘gift’: designed for a precious gift, a loved one, an event, suitable for any age

9. it’s ‘cozy’ …

1/2 … please give me your feedback if one day you will own it. I’d be curious to have your opinion!

Special moments with… the magic of a blanket and… cushion!

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spoilted: sleep in style, seek serenity. The warmth of the blankets, in the morning when you wake up, is a favorite microclimate for many: soft and warm!

Working method – The importance of analysis in the process steps

– vision, conception, creation, choice of material, colour proposal, pattern

– follows the program setting with the technical execution and the fine-tuning of the sample (using jacquard processing or inlay on electronic machines) and finally hand finishes with washing-ironing treatment, which defines the yield of the fabric and its structure

– Result of a collaboration with Italian industrial craftsmanship in its technical capabilities. It is important to underline that to make a custom-made blanket or a cushion order, it will take 4/5 weeks for the delivery of the products

– Payment conditions: 70% upon acceptance of the project’s layout, the remaining 30% upon completion before delivery, with shipping via the reference courier (max 2 days) with a small separate expense

– Consider separately the cost of a new design to be set up and programmed 

FAQ: answers to specific frequently asked questions for those interested in collection products

– I only make blankets and cushions in knitted and not in classic fabric 

– I mainly use carded extrafine merino wool (warmer and softer effect than worsted wool). It is imported from some areas of Australia and processed in northern Italy,  in Biella. Also present in the range is the use of other yarns such as cashmere and cashmere and wool blend, cotton and cotton and cashmere or wool blend, camel, wool and viscose blend, baby alpaca mixed with wool and silk always accompanied by extra fine merino wool

– limitation of realization of measures, in the knitted blanket: the max width is 165 cm (but can reach 175 cm) while for the length there are no problems. The use of the number of colours is important: max 7 for the intarsia technique, while for jacquard max 3/4 colours

-I can create and produce even a single personalized blanket with the study of the coordinated design, created through a specific software

– wool like other noble fibers is a fireproof material

– washing can be done dry or directly in the washing machine (colour fastness), following the instructions for delicate items (20 degrees) and separated from other clothes

–  for maintenance, it is important to let the product air (in the changing seasons) and then fold it and place it in its box, in a dry place. A feature-defect of knitwear in general is that of creating (precisely by rubbing over time) the classic ‘pilling’. You can pass (with a delicate touch) a simple ‘razor’ to remove the superfluous pile or purchase the specific product.