roberta licini

I’m a Designer and furnishing accessories consultant. 

I create and make knitted blankets and cushions, accessories for home decor. Creative projects in motion, which interpret the concept of tradition in search of a refined simplicity that translates into lifestyle.

The ‘lr‘ brand accompanies me, with the aim of offering a different perspective: reinterpreting ‘the classic blanket’. It is my experience to make ‘unique pieces’ that cross fashions, products characterized by the charm of contemporary elegance, with a positive personalized on the living space.

The 'lr' brand

The ideas take shape in a harmonious mix of graphic patterns and natural material combinations, with colour as the protagonist. The value of an object through design, taste, technique, attention, passion.

 I’ll tell you about the ‘blanket’ through the images: you can browse through my proposals in a ‘Catalog of atmospheres’ 

Collection of blankets and cushions, testimony of the ‘made in Italy’

New visions of blankets

I present to you the ‘made to measure‘ that suits ‘your needs:’ an exclusive product, with possible proposals to be coordinated in materials, patterns, colours. There is no shortage of ideas but they can take shape in a conversation together: think of a blanket, let’s imagine it and then it comes true, in a friendly professional service. There will be my support with personalized proposals in new versatility that dialogue with the furniture. Multiple visions, in the attention to detail and touches of style.

My advice lends itself to collaborations of specific projects:  research, ideation, development, realization of products related to the following contexts of Home Decor: Interior Designers and Architects – private homes – Charming Hotels – spa – Restaurants – boat outfitting – Museum bookshop

What I can do for you

Knowing how to do things well is a lifestyle! The work of a designer, in the soft and original design! 

The aim of the collection is to offer the customer the best solution for the type of need. Sharing the ‘value of beauty’, proposing products that may interest the ‘people’ with whom there may be a harmony of taste and creative passion

With my work, I have chosen to present myself online, also determined by some considerations:

-the specificity of an audience, the space to reach more people on more channels and in more places, updating them directly on my work in progress,

-determine the appropriate price, the price I want, (consistent with market laws) not affected by the various steps in the sales process.

My message is to tell and intrigue those who like me, and ‘looking for a taste simply elegant and refined that stands out and omits the brands’ famous’!

The reasons why you could choose me, with my service:

help to customize your proposal, in Interior Design projects

-enhances the customized product in an architectural space of the Home Decor

-the value of your request that is identified in taste and style