From the idea of ​​a project, to the object, from the simple object, to the design object
5 Important words: home, object design, colour,taste, decor!

… how do you recognize a ‘lr’ blanket from a blanket idea?
– IT IS A DESIGN BLANKET – a product with an aesthetic value
– IT IS INNOVATIVE – a different interpretation of the ‘classic blanket’
– IT IS EXCITING – a decorative accessory for your home: it enhances the environment, bringing colour and beauty
– IT IS RELIABLE – it guarantees quality and safety in daily use as a functional and durable product
– IT IS ‘TAILORED’ – the tangible result of the importance of some details, a unique ‘piece’ that considers and interprets the customer’s needs, in a multi-handed project, according to the rules of Italian craftsmanship, perfected by the ‘industrialization’
‘lr’ by roberta licini wants to make itself known and appreciated with the products of a small special collection, which addresses a niche of customers who identify themselves and pay attention to those values expressed by taste-style, beauty-colour, quality ‘-material-details.

Quiet Moments

Sit back and savor the blanket
blankets and cushions
blankets and cushions
blankets and cushions

A taste of collection …
This page is dedicated to those who want to have a suggestion for a gift to dedicate to the love done, a man, a woman, a child, to the whole family, for an event as a wedding, a birthday and… to yourself!
A gift that will please those who own it, considering the three important elements that distinguish it: aesthetics, functionality, reliability. I am proud to present my collection products, by a selection of geometric and floral motifs alternated with a proposal for three-dimensional stitches, in neutral or bright tones and research into particular materials such as extra-fine Merino carded wool, mixed carded cashmere cotton, in addition to other proposals.
Finally, I emphasize the possibility of considering the “made to measure”, interpreting the customer’s needs.

I can confirm that the blanket is a useful object for all seasons: if it’s cold outside and you want a warmth to accompany you inside the house, there is the ‘double’ blanket in the winter version, in carded wool or cashmere blend, with ‘positive-negative’ design; in spring, when the house is fresh, you can choose the light blanket, made of cotton-cashmere. All finishes are hand made! A lifestyle in balance with something of “natural” … another accessory coordinated with the blanket is the cushion with colorful patterns, that can inspire you and delight your home, your living space…

My creations speak about something unconventional. I love colours, combinations and shapes, I want to give an aesthetic sense to the object and a meaning to the use of the product.

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