The brown colour

knit stitch detail  The word brown recalls a reddish brown, similar to fruits (using the same name) but also the idea of ​​warm and humid brown in excrement. In the past the term brown indicated any dark colour, today it concerns a shade between chestnut and dark brown. Brown is [...]

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The orange colour

  the orange knitwear blanket + rug... In researching, I was amazed at the birth and history of this colour, relatively young in use: was it orange (fruit) that gave the colour its name or vice versa? Starting from the fruit, which originates from ancient China (natural not artificial), before [...]

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The colour  aqua blue-green

Artwork, J.P. Cassigneul The colour  aqua blue-green, prestigious in the contemporary world which is identified in the Pantone with the code 3258 C From aquamarine to dusty green water (tends to grey), aqua green is the set of two shades between green and blue. There are many shades, from the lightest [...]

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The Blue Colour

collage: geometric detail of knitted blanket... Colours are associated with emotions and these have their own rainbow and, among all the colours of the spectrum, the dominant one is blue, the colour of inner life (W. Gass). There are darks and light shades ... Blue, the 1000 Blue Bubbles': that's [...]

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The pink colour

The pink colour does not derive from the name of the flower, but from the wild rose ancestor, with 5 pinkish white petals Then there is the pink of the Sakura flower which in spring is a delight for the eyes: countless small flowers of Japanese cherry trees that disperse [...]

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Colour gold

At the beginning of the year and a few starry nights, I have in mind the light of the stars and again the idea of ​​a bright trail of the comet, easily identified with the colour of gold ... I also take inspiration from the consideration (from the [...]

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The White Colour

White is a colour and not only for how we see it but also for the symbolic meanings we attribute to it. White has its own otherness, and expresses positive values. I remember the amazement and enchantment of the mountains, when I was a child and snow fell [...]

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The Yellow Colour

It is said to be the colour of intelligence! 'Until you think about it, you don't realize how many important and pleasant things in life are yellow by L. Gallienne Yellow is the colour of the sun, spring daffodils and sunflower fields. It is fresh and sour like [...]

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The Red Colour

'the roses are red' by Susannah Benjamin And its communicative power: the archetypal colour ... there is definitely a red for everyone! As Dior said, in shades of red.  THE ROSES ARE RED It is first of all an important way of occupying space, an egocentric and [...]

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