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Books ok! 'A bookshop is a place where dreams sleep between the covers, waiting for you to discover them' by Lois Ehlert The altruists of A. Ridker Servant and maid of I. Compton Burnett Ok event! At the Fuori Salone ... ... I made 2 jumps for 2 days in [...]

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The role of the designer…

...is to help you live better the spaces and environment that surrounds us "Decoration serves to expose the soul of things", Nathalie du Pasquier I understood that the role of the designer will become more and more appreciated over time ... the designer's goal is to help you live better [...]

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Autumn in yellow…

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower 'A. Camus Autumn atmospheres with even an embroidered representation ... look carefully! Getting lost in the woods: a seasonal appointment with 'leaves'. Walking in an autumn forest is similar to a chromotherapy session. A change of [...]

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The ironic objects…

Beauty is a wish fulfilled in itself Ironic objects trigger a relationship of complicity between those who conceived and designed them and those who grasp their meaning and intelligence. They give an intense and deep pleasure, which lasts over time, like a friendship or love. Ironic objects are [...]

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Floral Subjects

Blanket, with red flowers in detail, in extra-fine merino wool carded in 4-colour jacquard, Gray-red-yellow variant, 210 x 160 cm. Drawing of a chrysanthemum (autumn flower) on print, by Keika Hasegawa (late 19th century). A sacred flower in oriental-Japanese culture, a symbol of renewal and [...]

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Comfort illustration

Bianca Settemani from 'Ipotenusa al quadrato’ "You should, at least every day, listen to some songs, read a beautiful poem, see a beautiful picture, and, if possible, say a few reasonable words ..." Johann Wolfgang Goethe ... I think this maxim can be valid for every [...]

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A corner of the room…

Elegance is the ability to transform even what is unwanted in one's eyes into something interesting to them The experience I want to give to my customers is to enter 'a unique place' with a precise style and character. A virtual space that few people [...]

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Recommended book…

Fiori d’autore ' There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than painting a rose, because first of all he must forget all the other roses that have been painted.' Henri Matisse or 'Art is the flower, life is the green leaf ' Charles Rennie [...]

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