I’m leaving! Even if I fear I don’t have everything I need to face this new adventure, but if you think about it, the success of this company does not depend only on what you have at the start, but how you face the journey and what you give and do it gathers in the experience … sometimes what matters is not so much to make a business as to have fun even in trying it

In the site I paid more attention to the images, in the Blog I would like to tell, devoting attention to topics, such as colour. If you are curious, try to find out …

where does an idea start from ?!

I create an idea from something that strikes me. I assemble some details that I transform and then put on paper, drawing it. I immediately think of colour, because it is the colour that gives meaning to the ‘pattern’: it is the main element that gives an atmosphere to the ‘piece’, also determining the style. I then look for a conceptual and practical solution, doing an exercise of reduction and simplification, focusing on what will then be converted into the knitted project. My references search in the past and present; a perspective look aimed at multiple things (design, furniture, objects, graphics) where I can understand and grasp a certain power in the work, in relation to the context. I like the idea of ​​doing well (with intelligence and feeling) my work, and then promoting it. Sometimes my client is more defined, enough to intrigue him, in search (like me) of new motivation. An intelligent solution, for a small or large space, for your well-being and your home: a detail of life!

Our spaces are like a mirror capable of reflecting the quality of ‘what we are’, the quality of existence. There are objects capable of giving us a certain simple and conscious serenity, which enhances and enriches the daily experience. A reference? An object that is considered relatively: the blanket! And not just any.

my business, what I offer and why

Mission … I am a Designer-craftsman who designs and manufactures furnishing accessories with knitted accessories, blankets and cushions, a moving project in the modern concept of tradition: the search for a new simplicity, a linear thought. Ideas take shape in free associations of original ‘patterns’ in a harmonious mix of colours. The protagonist is the colour proposed in natural, noble and practical materials. The value of an object through  design, style, technique.

I believe in an object of decoration, inviting, distinguishable in the context of a house, an original and long-lasting proposal. I like to inspire and influence, following the passion for beauty and functionality. I love the shirt in its flexibility and pleasantness to live, savor, appreciate in relaxing moments to be ‘pampered’ … you can see and understand the value of the product. It is important to evaluate and promote ‘knowing how to do things well’ and convey the safety of a product in a lifestyle. Quality design can make a difference.


coperte roberta licini blankets

… in the end I did it too: from October I will send the first newsletter.
The second friday of the month, I will send out a Newsletter with topics: informing about a specific topic that may be of interest • create a relationship that concerns my world • references to Blog Posts
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