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-Live colour in a blanket, living our life in colour –

My goal is to provide an accessible, friendly, and professional service. Colour brings joy! And I want to help find your colour and enjoy it.
Many people are unsure of how to use colour. Colour security is the key to creating a space where different shades coexist in harmony. My support of personalized proposals (patterns, textures, colour combinations), in a ‘traditional object’ but with a new versatility that dialogues with the furnishings.
Multiple visions united by the passion for the craftsmanship of details: touches of style to dress the house, geometric and floral motifs in multiple colours, ‘pieces’ in the uniqueness and ductile ability of the shirt. They are products that bring with them an intrinsic beauty, a natural preciousness. The ‘Gallery Collection’ shows how my project can offer small solutions.
I like working with noble materials (carded merino wool, wool + cashmere or cotton + cashmere, wool, and silk or with a mix of various materials with the addition of viscose). Without revolutionizing the furniture, you can think of inserting some objects-accessories, with blankets and cushions that add to or replace those present: new sensory experiences! A ‘guiding thread’ in the search for well-being for the mind and body through a useful object, linked to the pleasant sensation of indulging in ‘cuddles’ with colour and warmth! The value and awareness of rest. Free to live surrounded by some objects that make us feel good, in the name of a relaxed lifestyle. Objects for ‘Interior life’ with a refined Design, with dynamic colour contrasts that ‘light up’ the spaces, personalizing them. ‘Unique pieces’ that run through fashions. Products characterized by the charm of contemporary elegance, adapting naturally to the intimacy of the home.
I like to create and create accessories that, through colour, have a positive impact!

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folded blanket
folded blanket

Each product is the expression of traditional skills and technological craftsmanship. In general, the products are made in small quantities in order to offer the care of the “particular”.
The materials used are carefully selected and tested in colour.
Wool, like other natural fibers, is not fireproof.

Technical page: treatment, material, measures and description of the product realization.

Last note, very important: washing can be done in the washing machine with the type of program suitable for wool and delicate items or for dry cleaning.

‘I believe in wool’
Extra fine merino wool is a fabulous knit fabric, even in summer. All the extraordinary natural properties of the sheep veil make this yarn a real no-season. Merino wool: four Seasons. Even more than the other available varieties, it has the ability to adapt quickly to body temperature and therefore, if necessary, it can be warm or fresh. This type of wool is particularly sought because of its finesse, depending on the fact that the hair of a merino sheep is thinner than the coat of a common sheep. Generally, it is a fiber with a diameter of 20 microns. This particular feature, summed up with the other qualities of common wool, makes it a very valuable fiber.

Phase of the process

Analysis at every stage of the process: order of the yarns by the knitting company, use of the yarn for processing and construction of the product. The study in the realization of the design is carried out by the “programmer”, then follows the technician, who directs the program in measurement and times calculations, using electronic machines suitable for the ‘title’ (fineness) of the yarn and the type of structure of the knit fabric to be obtain. The ‘jacquard’ technique can be used for the various geometric designs from the double structure (multicolored reversible blanket) or the intarsia technique in which the yarn ceases according to the colour of the design (lighter effect). The value that characterizes the accessory is the hand finishing on each product. Finally, the washing process that defines how the cloth and the structure will appear. The passage of the various phases that constitute the “product” is determined by the mastery of industrial craftsmanship: passion, taste and great technical skills.

In order to realize a bespoke blanket or cushion order, material, colour and size will be necessary.
If you want to build a new exclusive design, there will be additional costs (from € 250 to € 350) for the realization of a technical program.
Delivery of custom made products in 4/5 weeks.